To update your payment method:

  • Log in to your Dashboard at

  • If you have multiple stations, you will need to select which one you wish to change the payment method for from the drop down list in the sidebar. If you have one station, continue to the next step.

  • Go to Settings in the sidebar then to Billing. Your current payment method will be displayed.

  • To update your payment method either click the PayPal button and sign in, or add your new card details in the space provided.

Card payment method

If you want to use a credit card, simply type in your Card Number (long 16 digit number on the front of your card), the Expiry Date and the CVV (security code on the back of the card).

After entering your card details, you may be prompted to verify you are not a robot by performing a ReCaptcha check. uses 3D Secure technology, which is a safer way of authorising payments. If your bank supports this technology, you will receive a pop up window which looks like this:

You may be prompted to enter a special code which is sent to you via SMS, or open up your mobile banking app to complete the authorization:

The payment amount you see here is your monthly recurring cost. If you are updating your card part way through your billing cycle then you will not be charged any money right now. 

However, if you are updating your card when your payment is past due, then the amount stated will be charged immediately. 

Learn more about reactivating your account here.

After confirming, your payment method will be updated in

PayPal method

If you want to use PayPal, instead of typing in your card details, click the blue PayPal button as shown below. Then, follow the instructions on the popup window.

After confirming, your payment method will be updated in


If your payment method is being declined or is not updating, this is likely due to a fraud alert put in force by your Card Issuer. We advise you contact them as soon as possible to discuss the transaction and allow it to prevent interruptions with your station.

If after contacting your card issuer, you have issues reactivating your account, please contact our Support team at for assistance.

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