App Builder - Design

Change the theme, accent colour, and overall style of your apps.

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The first stage is design, where you can modify the general appearance of the app.

App builder design.

App Theme

Choose between a Light Theme or Dark theme for your app. You can also choose to have it as ‘auto’ this means the theme will vary depending on if the listeners device is in dark mode or not.

Please note: Your listeners will be able to change themes in the app if they wish.

Accent Colour

The colour will be set when you uploaded your logo to the station settings section. If you want to change the accent colour of the app, you can do so via the colour picker.

Type Style

Choose the font you want to display on your app. You can see examples of these on the button or if you click on them, you can see how they look on the app itself.

Once you’ve completed all steps, click on ‘Save & Continue’ to proceed to the App Content section.

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