To enable the Podcast, Web Feed, Schedule, Requests, or Contact parts of the app, toggle these ‘On’.

Enabling the broadcast schedule.

Podcast Feed

Once enabled just enter the RSS URL of your podcast.

RSS Web Feed

Once enabled please choose the name of the feed on the app, you can choose from Feed, Blog, News or Updates.

Once you’ve chosen the name just add your RSS feed.

Please note: We are unable to assist with RSS feed issues. If you experience any issues, please contact the RSS feed host for further guidance.


This shows your schedule similarly to the Schedule Widget on however the theme and accent colours are the same as the rest of the app.


If you have this feature enabled on this lets your listeners make requests directly within the app. If you haven’t enabled this on please see our guide on how to do that HERE.

Contact Methods

Select which contact methods display on the app for your listeners. For example, you may be switching over to a new SMS number etc, you can disable that here and then enable it again once the number has switched.

Social Links

Social links are similar to Contact above. Just make sure the ones you want shown on the app are selected.

Once you’ve enabled the features you want and added any relevant information, click on ‘Save & Continue’ to proceed to the App Info section.

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