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Keep listeners updated with what's coming up. Create, embed, and share custom branded schedules for your website and beyond.

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Schedule widgets are the best way to share what's up next on your station. From upcoming playlists to live DJ takeovers, always keep your listeners updated.

Radio schedule widgets embeddable on your website.

Create a Schedule Widget

Create a new schedule embed within Schedule > Widgets.

Creating a new schedule widget.

From here, modify the following to match the look and feel of your station:

  • Name: Choose a meaningful name, especially handy if you're using multiple schedule widgets throughout your site and beyond.

  • Widget Type: Two options; Auto dynamically fits a container size, whereas Fixed lets you preset a max-width size.

  • Width & Height: Set the size of your schedule widget. But please be aware, if Widget Type is set to Auto, then Width size is ignored.

  • Artwork: Show your playlist's artwork by either enabling it. If no artwork is available, a default icon is displayed.

  • Dark Mode: When enabled, your schedule widget will show white text on a dark background, ideal for light websites.

  • Accent: Match your station's brand tone by choosing an accent colour.

  • Corners: Modify the look of the widget to fit perfectly on your website.

  • Header: Keep or remove the top bar of the widget.

  • Header Text: Add a title to sit to the right of your widget header, perfect for providing context for your station.

  • Station Name & Logo: Choose to show or disable your station's branding.

  • Header Text Colour: Make your text pop from the header and easily readable.

Schedule widget controls.

Use the schedule preview to tweak the look and style of your widget.

Schedule widget preview.

Please be aware, widgets update every few mins. If outdated info is shown, either in preview or embedded, simply wait up to 5 mins and changes should take effect.

Embed Your Schedule Widget

Under Share, copy your schedule widget's code, which should look like:

<script src=""></script>

From here depends on your website's setup. Embedding your schedule with a website builder is easy. Just add an embed block.

Embed block being added to

Then paste in your schedule widget code. code being embedded on website.

Finally, publish the changes. And the end result should look like this:

Schedule widget embedded.

Please be aware, the schedule widget shows up to 2 weeks of shows.

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