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Completing Your Station Settings
Completing Your Station Settings

Upload your logo, change your station name, pick your theme colour, add licensing, and your station’s contact and social media details.

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From the ‘Radio Stations’ page, find the station you want to edit, click the three dots near the station name and then select ‘Edit station’, this will open up the Station Settings page.

General Settings

Change the name for your station, this will affect the name of your station that’s shown on the app.

If you have uploaded a logo on your Dashboard that should have come over to on your initial log in. If not you can upload one here, it just needs to be a 1200 pixel by 1200 pixel png or jpeg file.

Please note: Changing your station logo or name on your Dashboard will not change your station logo or name on

Once you have uploaded your logo you can pick a brand colour to use on your app. Clicking this for the first time will give you the option of some colours that we have picked up from your logo, you can choose one of these or any other colour you would like. If you pick a colour and then change your mind you can choose a new one on the app builder.


Some app stores require you to have a licence in place in order to broadcast copyrighted content such as music, podcasts etc. You’ll need to upload your licensing documents to us before we can proceed with developing your app. You can either drag a file in to the box or upload a file by clicking on the ‘Upload Document’ button. Please note: the document must be in the PDF format.

For more information on types of licences and where you can get them, please see our separate guide on licensing HERE.

Links and contacts

Station contact information

Provide us with information so your listeners can get in contact with you. For each of these, you will need;

  • Email: the email address you want your listeners to contact, this may go directly to a studio computer etc.

  • Twitter: The Twitter handle you want your listeners to contact you through. When clicked in the app it will create a draft Tweet @ing the handle provided.

  • Facebook Messenger: For this we’ll need the numerical ID of your Facebook page not the page name. You can get the numerical ID by putting your page link in HERE. This will open a message thread with your Facebook page.

  • WhatsApp Number: Telephone number for listeners to message on WhatsApp, this will open a WhatsApp thread. Please include country code with the number.

  • SMS: Telephone number for listeners to message via SMS, this will open in the listeners native SMS app. Please include country code with the number.

  • Telegram Username: The username for your telegram account.

Station social links

  • Website: Your website URL.

  • Twitter: Your Twitter handle.

  • Facebook: Facebook Page Numerical ID, see Facebook Messenger above.

  • YouTube: Your YouTube Username.

  • Instagram: Your Instagram Handle.

  • SoundCloud: Your SoundCloud User ID. You can find this by logging in to yourSoundCloud account and navigating to Settings > Content. The user ID is the numerical value found in the RSS Feed

  • Mixcloud: Your Mixcloud username.

  • Tik`tok: Your TikTok username.

If we’ve missed anything you can add up to five custom links with custom names.

Many changes can be made after your apps are Live, such as:

  • Website URL

  • Privacy policy URL

  • RSS feed links

  • Other social links

  • Theme accent colour

  • Text style

You can also toggle on/off:

  • Podcast feature

  • Feed URL

  • Schedule

  • Contact

Of course, if there's anything you're unsure of, just get in touch and we can best advise.

Once you’ve added all of your station information just click ‘Update Station Information’ for that to save.

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