App Icon

Confirm the Icon you want for your app. The Logo set in your station settings should be here, if you want a different Icon you can upload that here.

Please note, the Icon needs to be a PNG and 1200 x 1200 pixels in size.

Due to the way your icon gets displayed on iOS and Android, make sure your it fits fully in the circle shown in the builder. The circle icon is used by a lot of Android phones and is the most restrictive in what it cuts off. So if it looks good there, it will look good on all other devices.

To get an idea of how it will look, draw a circle on your icon with a diameter of 1200pixels. And whatever is in that will be displayed as your Icon on those devices.

Store Information


Summarise your app in up to 30 characters (including spaces).


Provide an engaging description of your app and features to display on the store, you may want to cover if you've enabled anything like the podcast feed, requests etc. You have 4000 characters including spaces to do this.


The Copyright holder of your App's intellectual property. This may be an individual or a business.


Enter up to 30 keywords for people to find your app when searching on the stores. Try to be qite specific and cover your app features and what it does, some things to avoid are;

  • Any plurals of words that you’ve already included in singular form (Radio/Radios etc)

  • Names of categories your app is in or the word “app”

  • Any duplicate words

  • Any special characters — such as %, @, # or * — unless they’re part of your brand identity. Special characters don’t carry extra weight when users search for your app.


Choose the categories you want your app listed as on the stores, the lists are slightly different on the App Store and Play Store so we'll need one of each.

Web Links


The URL that you want displayed on the store for people to find out more on your station. It may be a specific page on your website or the home page.

Privacy Policy

The fine print. Create a privacy policy and host it on your site.

Once you’ve completed all sections on this page, click on ‘Save & Continue’ to proceed to the Build & Publish section.

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