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Recording Live DJ Events

Schedule your station to record live shows automatically for later playback, or download them for distribution to podcasting services.

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Updated over a week ago allows you to record your scheduled live events and store them in your media library. This is great if you want to re-run the show at a later date, or download it so you can publish it to MixCloud, Soundcloud or your third party podcasting service. 

Please note this functionality is available to users on the Bronze Plan or above. If you are on Lite plan you can easily upgrade by heading to Settings > Billing > Change Plan.

Getting Started

To set up a recorded event, you just need to schedule it as normal on the calendar. For in depth scheduling help, see our guide: Scheduling events.

When the event popup appears, click Advanced then click Live DJ as the event type. 

create event

Select your DJ from the list then toggle Record Broadcast to On.

When your event starts, the DJ can connect as normal and all output from during the live event period will be recorded. If the DJ does not connect, the backup playlist will air and will still record as usual. 

Once the recorded event has finished the system will automatically archive it within your Media Library. 

Editing the Event

Head to Media > Recordings in your sidebar to see a list of your recorded shows.
This section is similar to the Tracks area of your dashboard. 


Recording are ordered by newest first and named by the start time and date of your show (e.g. 19:00-22.08.2017) The Artist will be set as the assigned DJ for that live event (e.g. John). 

Note: Recordings start times which appear in the metadata when saved will be in UTC.

To edit the event click the Actions (...) button then Recording Editor

This will load a page, similar to the track editor.

recording editor

Here you can edit the recording Title, Artist and Album by clicking on the fields on the page.

Recording editor

You can also upload custom artwork if you wish.
Not uploading any will show your station logo when the recording airs. 

Recording editor

You can also edit the Cue in/out and Fade in/out points using the waveform at the bottom of the page. Zoom in or out using the options on the right. Preview and skip back to the beginning using the options on the left. 

You can also drag the handles at the beginning and end of the waveform to adjust the Cue and Fade points. 

Recording waveform

Once you are happy with your edited recording, click the green Save button to return to the Recordings page. 

Playback Options


Once a recording has been added to your library, you can add this to a new or existing playlist. In the Playlist editor you will find a new option for Recordings.

Playlist editor

You can then schedule the playlist as usual. 


To download your recording click the Actions (..) button in the Recordings list then click Download Recording.
The download will start in your browser and usually save to your Downloads folder. 


  • Edits to the track will only apply when the recording is played on your station. Downloading the file will only provide the raw recording with no custom metadata. 

  • Listeners cannot download your recordings via our platform. For on-demand playback, please upload the recording to a third party service such as MixCloud or SoundCloud

  • Live recordings use your storage space. Please ensure you have enough space available for your events. If there is not enough your event will not save. 

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