Common Questions Answered

Although it's goodbye to your apps, that doesn't mean it's the end. Get the lowdown on what happens next to your apps and your options.

"How long will my apps remain in the stores?"

Apps will remain live. However, both apps will be disabled so they're listed, but won't work. Effectively acting as a placeholder.

"Can I transfer ownership of my apps?"

Yes. For Android, pass the app key in the .zip folder in your app bundle to the new developer. For iOS, ask your new developer to update the existing build.

"Will I keep my app name, link, and reviews?"

Yes. Both store listings will retain everything from your old apps when you transfer ownership to a new developer, granted you're able to successfully move everything over and update.

"What happens if I return at a later date?"

As long as the apps haven't been deleted, we can reactivate your apps. Once payment has been made, support will release an update to get your apps live again.

"I've changed my mind and want to keep my apps, what now?"

Depending on your bill state, there are two options...

  • If your next bill date has not been reached then simply reactivate your apps, and its business as usual.

  • If your bill date has been reached then we'll need to reinstate your apps. Contact support via the console or reply here.

But if there's anything that's not been covered, reach out to support.

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