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Playout software for Windows that lets you automate and manage your radio station, using a cart-based interface.

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PlayIt Live is automation and playout software for automating and managing radio stations, using a cart-based interface. Using automation, be it from PlayIt Live or, means radio stations can keep broadcasting even when they're not manned.

A close up image of the PlayIt Live interface, showing songs queued up.

While you can manage and automate your radio station with PlayIt Live, you can't broadcast using this software alone. If you want to use a cart-based interface and have a Windows machine, then you use PlayIt Live with to get the best out of both worlds.

Set Up

Open and Schedule a Live Event.

(Note: The owners of accounts can have Live Anytime Enabled which means they can skip this step.)

In PlayIt Live, you'll need to install the Internet Broadcaster plugin by opening the Plugin Manager under Plugins in the toolbar. In the new window, click Browse plugins in the Plugin Gallery.

The PlayIt Live toolbar and the plugin manager window.

Install the Internet Broadcast plugin. You may be prompted to enter your PlayIt Live log in details to install it.

Two Plugin Gallery windows for installing the

Configure the settings

Now, the Internet Broadcast plugin will be showing in your plugin manager. Double click on the Internet Broadcast plugin and then click add.

Plugin gallery window & Configure Encoder plugin window

In the new window, complete the settings:

  • Select SHOUTcastv1 in Server Type.

  • Back in, grab your live connection settings: host, port, and pass. Then copy these PlayIt Live.
    Note: If you don't see this you may need to click Connection Settings to reveal them.

  • Then complete the other details, including what format audio you'll be using and your station name and hit OK.

    The connection details from and the settings window for Configuration Encoder plugin

Broadcast to

Once you've completed the settings, all you need to do to start broadcasting to is press Start Streams on PlayIt Live. Double check you're on air on by checking the button in the top left corner of the platform.

Configure Encoder plug in window to Start Streaming and

And voila! You should now be broadcasting what's playing in PlayIt Live to your radio station via

Tip: To stop broadcasting from PlayIt Live, you can click Stop Streams and your broadcasting will revert to what is programmed in

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