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Add Your Radio Station to Sonos
Add Your Radio Station to Sonos

How to add your internet radio station to the Sonos speaker system.

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Do you want to tune in to your internet radio station on a Sonos? Here’s what you need to do to add it.

Download and install the Sonos app for your desktop computer or laptop:

Login to your Dashboard. Copy your streaming URL in the Listen area under Streaming Links.

Using the Sonos app, select Manage and Add Radio Station.

Paste in the streaming URL and type in the name of the station.

From the Sonos music menu, navigate to Radio by TuneIn, then My Radio Stations where your newly added station will be listed.

Access and control your Sonos using either your iPhone or Android device. Download the apps:

If your station is listed on TuneIn then you don’t need to add it manually. Search for your station’s name in the TuneIn area and add it to your Sonos Favourites (either on a desktop or mobile app). Not listed on TuneIn yet? Add it to the popular internet radio directory here.

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