Tunein.com is one of the most popular radio directories around. They include their website, Mobile Apps, XBOX and Smart TV Apps.

You can submit your station to Tunein.com using the link below:


You will need to provide a listen link to add your station to Tunein.com. You can find them in your Dashboard under the share tab.

Please note: Tunein.com does not support HTTPS links. When pasting your links, remove the 's' from the URL to prevent an error.

E.g. http://stream.radio.co...........


Radio.co includes support for the Tunein.com AIR API.

If you have your API details already, you can enter these on Radio.co Dash > Settings > Integrations.

If you do not have your API details from Tunein.com you can request them by following the guide below:

Please e-mail by clicking this link and provide your TuneIn station ID for permission to use the API. They will grant you a partnerId and partnerKey.

To locate your stationId, search for your station or program on TuneIn.com. From the resulting TuneIn.com URL, use the last set of digits for your stationId. For example, if your TuneIn.com URL is:


Your station ID would be 's211838'.

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