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SAM Broadcaster Pro

Windows playout software by Spacial for live and automated shows.

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NOTE: This help guide was prepared by and is for reference only. We advise to check the developer’s help resources for more in depth support with their software.

Before you can broadcast live, schedule an event within your station calendar.

SAM Broadcaster lets connect live to your radio station by acting as playout software. Discover the plans available and what the software can do for you.

Initial Setup

To setup SAM Broadcaster with, you will need to access the 'Encoder settings'. These can be found on Desktop B.

SAM Broadcaster Pro dashboard.

Click the 'Menu' button on the Encoders window then select '+ new'. A popup window will appear, be sure to select the MP3 (LAME_ENC) option.

Note: On some versions of SAM Broadcaster this may be referred to as 'MP3 (Normal)' - 'mp3PRO' is NOT supported.

SAM Broadcaster Pro encoder setup.

The Encoder and Streamer Config window will appear.

On the first page, ensure the settings match the output of your station. By default these are:

  • Bitrate: 128Kbps

  • Mode: Stereo

  • Sampling rate: 44100Hz

SAM Broadcaster Pro audio settings.

Note: 'Allow Scripts in stream' should be disabled as pictured.

Enter Streaming Details

You will need your live broadcasting details, these can be found in towards the right side of the DJ Bar on the main dashboard. live DJ status.

Click on the 'Server Details' tab then input the streaming information from your DJ Bar:

  • Server Type: SHOUTcast

  • SHOUTcast: V1

  • Host: e.g.

  • Port: e.g 1000

  • Password: e.g. 1aa111a1a1a1aa

Fill in your station details:

  • Station Name: The name of your station (e.g.

  • Genre: The type of music played

  • Website URL: For your station

All other settings should be left as they are.

SAM Broadcaster Pro radio server details.

Click OK to save the settings.

Start Broadcasting

In the Encoders window on the main SAM Broadcaster desktop, click the 'Play' button. This will connect to

SAM Broadcaster Pro connected live to a radio station.

You can check the status of your live event on your dashboard.

NOTE: You can only go live when the live event starts. If you try to connect to the system before the start time, your broadcast software will show an error. 

Live DJ status showing connected.

Statistics Relays and other advanced features of SAM Broadcaster are not compatible with Spacial may add support for these in a future update to the software.

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