streams are compatible with SHOUTcast V2 servers.

If you are switching from Wavestreaming to you probably will want to stream to your existing SHOUTcast server for a period until you switch out all your directory links.

This guide can be used for all SHOUTcast providers however it shows the Wavestreaming control panel. If you are having issues adding the URL, please contact your SHOUTcast provider.

The Stream URL

You will need to log in to your new Account, then click the Listen tab in the sidebar.

This page will include a number of listen links. Copy the FIRST link to your clip board.

Setting up SHOUTcast

Next, log in to Wavepanel and head to SHOUTcast > Servername > Edit Mountpoint Config.

Scroll down to find Relay URL.

Paste the stream URL into the field and click Modify at the bottom of the page.

Your SHOUTcast server should reload and start playing the stream.

Notes: Once the relay has been setup, you will not be able to connect any other source to the SHOUTcast stream. The only way to broadcast other sources would be to remove the stream URL within Wavepanel.

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