If you have a secondary SHOUTcast service (hosted by a third party) you can usually relay your Radio.co URL there so you can list yourself on the popular SHOUTcast.com directory.

SHOUTcast V2 natively supports full Relay URL's however please check with your SHOUTcast host to ensure they offer this. Some require you to split the URL into 'Host' and 'Port'. Unfortunately this is not compatible with Radio.co links, however you may wish to contact their support service to see if it can be added for you.

The Stream URL

You will need to log in to your new Radio.co Account, then click the Listen tab in the sidebar.

Standard stream link in Radio.co.

This page will include a number of listen links. Copy the FIRST link to your clipboard.

Setting up SHOUTcast

Your SHOUTcast provider should have an option in their control panel to enter a full Relay URL (similar to the example below).

Relaying your Radio.co station to the SHOUTcast directory.

Paste the Radio.co stream URL into this field then save your changes. Your SHOUTcast server should reload and start playing the Radio.co stream.

If you are experiencing issues with setting this up, or cannot find the relay option, please reach out to your SHOUTcast provider for assistance.

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