Before you can broadcast live, schedule an event within your station calendar.

What Is RadioBOSS?

RadioBOSS is a Windows based automation application that allows you to manage tracks and stream live audio to your online radio station. Main features include:

  • Stream live music or audio from your microphone to your online radio station.

  • Use as a media player to manage tracks, create playlists and schedule them with crossfades, automatic volume levelling, time announcements, and block rotations.

  • Send metadata automatically to update your station's now playing details.

RadioBOSS dashboard.

What You Need

Download RadioBOSS - The free version offers a few hours of use before expiring, alternatively you can purchase the full version here.

Initial Setup

  1. Launch RadioBOSS.

  2. Drag music from the sidebar into your playlist.

  3. Select Settings (cog icon).

  4. Choose Broadcast and click the + button to create a new encoder.

Enter Your Station's Details

  • Server: Your host URL & port (e.g.

  • Password: E.g. 11a1aa1a1a1a

  • Encoder display name: Your radio station's name.

  • Sample Rate: 44100

  • Encoder: MP3

  • Bitrate: We recommend matching this to your stations' main output bitrate (Default: 128Kbps)

  • Channels: Stereo

Find your station's broadcasting details under the Live tab in your Dashboard.

Select "Show ON AIR when broadcasting is turned on" and the encoder you just added.

RadioBOSS radio server details.

Broadcast Live

Start playing music or use your microphone by clicking the "Mic" button, then press the globe button to connect to your station. You should see "ON AIR" in RadioBOSS and your dashboard status will update along with your track information to show your live connection.

NOTE: You can only go live when the live event starts. If you try to connect to the system before the start time, your broadcast software will show an error. 

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