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Old Plan Changes

Our plans have changed, affecting stations joined pre-July 5th 2022. Familiarise yourself and choose the best option for your radio station.

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Plan changes were introduced July 5th 2022. If your station was created before then, you're on an old plan.

From Wednesday October 5th 2022, pricing on old plans will rise to fall in line with the new changes. Please take a moment to read why we feel now is the right time to adjust our plans and your options moving forward.

Why plans are changing

Since launching in summer 2015, many things have increased in cost. We have worked tirelessly to maintain our pricing structure by being as lean as possible.

In 7 years, we have never increased our pricing - which can’t be said for most companies.

We aren’t a big corporate entity backed by millions of dollars in venture capital. As a business, we rely completely on the income from our customers to keep the lights on. Both for your station and our team (and their families).

Due to growing costs to run and maintain as a whole, we feel now is the right time to revise our core pricing structure.

We’re doing this because of the following reasons:

1. Rising cost of living and inflation

The cost of living has increased due to inflation. As a result, our staff bill has also risen significantly over the years.

Our team spans the UK 🇬🇧, USA 🇺🇸, Canada 🇨🇦, and Australia 🇦🇺 (some of which you’ll have already spoken with). But there are many more working behind the scenes supporting the 5,000+ stations that call home. Not to mention, delivering the best training, news, and broadcasting insights to help your station thrive.

2. Infrastructure and services

One of our biggest costs is the IT infrastructure we use to run your station.

Over the years, the costs have risen largely due to increased demand. So we're retiring our older infrastructure for newer and more capable hardware. That means better, faster, and more reliable servers so your station is always on air.

3. Staff increase

Our team has grown a lot since we launched. Back in the day, there were less than 10 of us. Today, we’re at 40 strong.

To ensure a good level of care and customer service, it only felt right to onboard more technical support and developers. That means faster response times, quicker fixes, and overall smoother services.

Other outgoings we don’t normally think about have increased for us too. Such as service costs, office spaces, and even simple things like coffee ☕️

Investing in radio

Radio is a mainstay. Although how we access content is different, people rely on stations for news, weather, entertainment, and much more. That's why we're investing profits back into for broadcasters like you.

Over time we plan on improving everything across the board.

  • ⚙️ New Features: Better tools so you can reach listeners.

  • 🏗 Improved Infrastructure: Faster, more reliable servers.

  • 💁 More Staff: To build tools faster and support your station.

Not to mention, The Mobile Apps are available on the newer plans as well as the existing ones.

Plan changes

As of July 5th 2022 current plans have been grandfathered.

Please note, if you upgrade or downgrade your plan from July 5th 2022, you will be moved to the pricing below. The new cost of your plan can be confirmed in the billing section of your account before you change your plan.

From October 5th 2022, current plan pricing will rise.






$29 > $35

$49 > $59

$69 > $79

$99 > $109

$179 > $189

£23 > £31*

£40 > £52*

£56 > £69*

£80 > £95*

£140 > £165*

€28 > €35*

€47 > €59*

€66 > €79*

€95 > €109*

€150 > €189*

*We base our GBP and EUR plans on US exchange rates. The above pricing is final.

Features and current add-ons will remain unchanged. Station broadcasts and general day-to-day management will not be affected. However, new plans will be available.

New plans

We feel the old plans, which we’ve had in place near the launch of, are outdated. The idea is to offer plans that suit modern broadcasters that offer more.

The new plans (below) are now available.






























Voice Tracker

Track Editor




Low Stream




Mobile Apps





Change plan or cancel

At any point, you can either change your plan or cancel.

New plans have been designed to suit modern broadcaster’s needs. Storage, bandwidth, and more have been increased. We won't automatically switch you over to our new plans so we recommend you review them before the your pricing increase on October 5th 2022 then you can decide if you want to make the switch.

If you cancel and return at a later date, your old plan can not be reactivated. Instead, you will need to select one of the new plans. But we can help.

For questions or a hand selecting the right plan, please reach out to support.

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