A Google Play JSON key is needed to deploy your app to the Google Play Store.

1. First, head to the Google Play Console and log in.

2. Select Setup in the left hand side then API Access.

3. Select the 'View in Google Cloud Platform' link.

4. On the new page, click the burger button in the top left corner, then select IAM & Admin > Service Accounts.

5. Select 'Create Project'.

6. On the New Project screen, enter the app name as the Project Name. Leave the location as is, then select 'Create'.

7. Once created, you'll be directed to the below page. Please select 'Create Service Account'.

In the pop up make sure the following information is correct:

  • Service Account Name: Radioco

  • Service Account ID: *LEAVE BLANK*

  • Service Account Description: *LEAVE BLANK*

  • Role: Owner (Navigate to Project > Owner)

  • Service Account Users Role: *LEAVE BLANK*

  • Service Account Admins Role: *LEAVE BLANK*

Click 'Done' once the above is filled out.

8. You will now see the below page with a service account created. Select the account (hyperlinked):

9. Select 'Add Key':

10. Choose 'Create New Key':

11. Choose 'JSON', then select 'Create':

12. This'll download the JSON file to your PC.

Adding the Service Account as a User

Once you have downloaded your JSON File head back to 'Setup' > 'API Access' on the Google Play Console (this is the page from earlier just before we were redirected to the Google Cloud Platform).

Once there in the Credentials > Service accounts section, you'll see the service account you just created. You now need to copy this email address.

Once you have copied the email address head to 'Users and permissions' then choose 'Invite new user'

On the page that opens, paste the copied email address in to the 'Email address' Section and leave 'Access expiry' unchecked. Then choose 'Account permissions', check 'Admin (All permissions)' then 'Invite user'.

Click 'Send invite' on the confirmation pop up.

Then in the 'Users and permissions' section the service account email address should be there with an active status and 'Never expires' underneath.

Uploading to the App Builder

In the app builder, upload your JSON file you previously downloaded.

Upload JSON file to app builder.

Submit for development, but if you're not ready then save and exit.

Any further questions, please contact support at help@radio.co.

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