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Use WordPress theme 'OnAir2' to create a non-stop music player.

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Before You Start

Aside from actually using the CMS, WordPress requires you to either self-host your website or use for hosting. If the latter, you'll need to be on Wordpress' Business plan before being able to use themes like OnAir2.


Developed by QantumThemes, OnAir2 is a paid-for WordPress theme that for the price of $69 offers plenty of tools to work with your radio station. Some of the tools OnAir2 offers are:

  • Music charts for displaying the top 10 tracks of your station or a particular show

  • An in-built podcast feature which makes it easy to play your uploaded content from YouTube, Soundcloud or Mixcloud on your website

  • A radio player that is not interrupted by visitors navigating to different pages on your website

For this guide, we'll be looking mainly at the OnAir2 radio player. So we'll be covering:

If you want to customise the OnAir2 theme, then check out the QantumThemes walk-through of all customisation settings.

Installing OnAir2

Please note, you'll need to have first purchased the OnAir2 theme and downloaded it to install the theme with Wordpress.
In WordPress, select Appearance from the left side menu, then select Themes.

Select Add New at the top of the Themes page.

Upload Theme will now display where Add New originally was. Select Upload Theme.

You'll be asked to upload the theme's .zip file. Select Choose file, and navigate to the .zip file you've downloaded from the above link. Once you've located it, click Open on the file explorer window, for the file to be selected.

Once the file is selected, on WordPress you'll see the file displayed. Click Install Now.

There may be a brief moment where nothing seems to happen. This is expected, as WordPress process the file on their end.

Once WordPress has processed the file, you'll see the below appear as the theme is installed. When it's installed, click Activate.

Now you'll be directed back to the Themes page, OnAir2 should be the first theme in the list.

Before we can get started, we need to activate the license. At the top of the page select Please activate your license.

In here, you will need to enter the license key contained within .zip file you've downloaded. Once you've entered the key, click Verify.

If the key is verified, you'll see the below screen appear. At this point, you need to install the plug-ins for the theme. To do so, click Begin installing plugin at the top of the page.

You'll be directed to a page where you'll see a list of required plug-ins. Select Bulk Actions > Install, select all plug-ins, then click Apply.

Double check all the plug-ins have been installed by scrolling to the bottom of the page. Once happy, on the left side menu select Appearance > Themes.

Back on the Themes page, you'll see OnAir2 again.

Using OnAir2's Web Player

As mentioned previously, the OnAir2 radio player is not disrupted when visitors to your website navigate to different pages. So your website visitors can explore your website and keep listening to your radio feed.

To set the radio player up select Radio channels from the left side menu > Add new channel.

To add your radio station, the main requirements are the name and the MP3 stream URL. There are also various other optional fields to complete, but these can be left.

The name is not visible to website visitors, but will just show on the OnAir2 dashboard. So you can name this anything you like.

For the MP3 Stream URL you need to enter your Standard Listen Link. You can find this by going to your dashboard, and clicking Listen > Listen Links.

When these have been added, in the top right corner select 'Publish'.

Now we get to the exciting part, adding the radio player to your new WordPress website!

On the left side menu select Appearance > Themes, then select Customise on the OnAir2 Theme.

You'll now be shown the OnAir2 theme. On the left side menu, select Radio settings.

Adjust the basic settings for your radio player such as the colour, auto play, and position.

Then go back to the first customise menu as seen in the last step and click on header.

Then change the 'Display listen button' from off to on. You can also enable the pop-up button if you have a pop-up player you wish to use. If you turn this on, add the pop-up URL into the section.

You will then see the 'Listen' button show in the top right hand corner. Clicking on the Listen button will bring the player out.

And that is how you set up your player using the OnAir2 theme!
If you have any other questions, please contact the support team at, where they'll be more than happy to assist.

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