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Automatically publish shows as on-demand content using

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Share your radio station's shows as podcasts with An on-demand podcasting platform designed to take your content further.

Advisory: radio licenses don't cover podcasts - refer to podcast licenses.

Connecting to

In your Dashboard, go to Settings > Integrations, then select 'Connect Account'.

Enter your account's details on the login area. If you haven't signed up yet, get started for free here.

Once you've logged into, confirm you want to connect your accounts by clicking 'Authorize'.

Your radio station is now integrated with Tracks and recordings on can now be published to your account, ready for your listeners to stream at a time and place convenient for them.

Creating a Podcast on

To share your radio shows with you first need to create a podcast.

Login to - once signed in, you'll be asked whether you want to import an existing show, create a public show, or create a private show. Select 'Create a Public Show'.

Once selected, enter your podcast's details like:

  • Podcast Name: Title of your podcast.

  • Category: Type of podcast.

  • Language: Podcast's primary language.

  • Description: Short description of your podcast.

Once you're happy click 'Next' where you'll be able to create a podcast link. 

Create a meaningful and easy to remember podcast link which will be used to share with your listeners, then click 'Next' to upload an image for your podcast. 

Click 'Upload Image', select your podcast's artwork, and select 'Create Podcast'.

Uploading an Episode from

Publish your radio shows to, either as media files or recordings.

If your file is uploaded on then login via and locate the track/recording. Click the 'Actions' button next to the selected file, then click 'Upload to'. 

Enter your episode information, such as:

  • Podcast: If you'd like to add the episode to an existing Podcast within your account, select the Podcast here.

  • Title: Episode name.

  • Description: A brief or long overview of your episode (enter up to 4000 characters).

  • Explicit? Yes/No: Whether it contains offensive language.

Once you're happy with the episode, click 'Upload Track'. 

In, the track/recording will have a icon next to it which will be green if it's published, yellow if it's pending, or red if it's failed to upload. track

Uploading an Episode from 

Alternatively, you can upload episodes directly to your account.

Upload your track/recording by selecting 'Add Podcast'.

Select 'Create a Public Show'.

Add in your podcast episode's details, such as:

  • Podcast Name: Title of your episode.

  • Primary/Subcategory: Category your podcast falls under.

  • Language: The Language your podcast is in.

  • Description: A brief or long overview of your episode (enter up to 4000 characters).

Click 'Next', then choose a URL for your podcast.

Click 'Next', then upload artwork for your podcast.

Once done, click 'Create Podcast'.

Congratulations! You've now published your first episode to!

If you have any questions then contact us via or click the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. For everything podcast related, check out's help guides:

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