Learn how to easily manage your radio station’s media by uploading files in bulk and organising tracks by genre or artist using tags to build your radio library.

Radio.co supports both MP3 and files purchased from online services such as iTunes (M4A).

Note: Radio.co only supports MP3 files encoded at CBR (Constant bitrate). VBR (Variable bitrate) files will not play. 


You will need FTP software. FileZilla is a free download for Windows or Mac OSX

Log in to studio.radio.co. Click Add Media in the top bar then click FTP

Launch FileZilla and enter your FTP Information in the fields near the top of the window.

  • Host: transcoder1.radio.co
  • Username: s123456789.u123456789
  • Password: 012345678901
  • Port: Ignore this field

When you have entered this information click Quick Connect. This will connect to your Cloud DJ Storage Space.

Uploading Your Tracks

FileZilla has two folder directories. The left is your computer. The right side is the Radio.co Station Server.
There are two ways of uploading files:

  • Navigate to the audio file location in the left file directory, highlight selection and drag over to the right to upload. (For single files you can just double click them to upload)
  • Find the file/folder on your computer using My Computer or Finder and dragging it over to the file directory on the right of FileZilla
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