Player Builder

Once logged into your Account, select LISTEN > WEB PLAYERS in the left column, then click Add Player and name your new player.

Adjust the settings to match your radio station's brand -

  • Name: Referer in your dashboard.
  • Output: Bitrate stream rate - We recommend adaptive as it automatically adjusts stream bitrate based on the listeners device.
  • Type: Different preset player sizes.
  • Width: The player's width can be adjusted.
  • Auto Play: Choose whether to start the player on page load.
    (Note: Autoplay is unavailable for all mobile devices and Safari 11 on Mac OS). 
  • Main: Background colour of the player.
  • Text: Colour of player's text.
  • Accent: Player bar colour.
  • Corners: Type of player edge.
  • Social: Options to share your website on Twitter, Facebook, or embed the player online.

Once you're happy with the final settings then click Save.

Share your player by grabbing the code in the Share box and embed it into your site's HTML.

Listen Links

In the LISTEN > LISTEN LINKS area you have different options for your audience to tune in -

Streaming Links

Your streaming links are direct links to your station and can be used to either tune in to your station or submit on third-party sites or directories. If you have enabled a mobile stream in Broadcast settings, you will see two links.

Integration Guides allows you to integrate the stream with some third party services - You can follow the links in the dashboard to configure them. Check in the Sharing your Station section of our Help site for further information.

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