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RadioDJ is a free advanced automation software for Windows.

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NOTE: This help guide was prepared by and is for reference only. We advise to check the developer’s help resources for more in depth support with their software.

Before you can broadcast live, schedule a live event within your station calendar. Please see this guide for more information.

RadioDJ is not developed by If you have issues with installation please seek support from the developer.

What is RadioDJ?

RadioDJ is a completely free automation software for Windows machines. Currently supported by:

  • Windows XP

  • Windows Vista

  • Windows 7

  • Windows 8.1

  • Windows 10

What You Need

Download the following:

  • RadioDJ: Windows radio automation and live software.

  • MySQL: Database for RadioDJ.

  • AltaCast: Encoder plugin to connect online.

  • LAME MP3: Encoder type compatible with your station.

Setup Guide

You need to setup all of the files you downloaded, starting with RadioDJ.

Download RadioDJ

Downloading RadioDJ.

Extract the files - You can run the RadioDJ software in the RadioDJ[version number] folder, however, wait until you have gone through all the steps.

Configure MySQL

MySQL is a database used by RadioDJ to store information. Download MySQL Community Server -> Windows (x86, 32-bit), MySQL Installer MSI.

Open the downloaded file and run through the following installation steps.

Accept MySQL license terms.

MySQL installation wizard.

Choose Server Only in Setup Type.

Choosing MySQL setup type.

Leave Path Conflicts as they are.

Resolving path conflicts.

Click Execute in Installation.

Installing MySQL.

Leave Type and Networking as they are.

Setting up MySQL network.

Enter a password that you will remember for later use.

MySQL account roles.

Enable "Start the MySQL Server at System Startup", leave the other settings in Windows Service.

MySQL Windows service.

Click Execute in Apply Server Configuration.

Applying MySQL config.

Finally, continue through the windows until the installation completes.

MySQL install complete.

Connect MySQL & RadioDJ

Once MySQL is installed, open RadioDJ. A message appears saying "Accessed Denied", which is normal, just continue until the Database Setup Utility is open.

Connecting RadioDJ to MySQL.

Enter your MySQL password from earlier in "MySQL Password" - Leave all other settings as they are. Check to see if a connection is established by clicking VALIDATE.

Finally, continue to establish a connection between MySQL and RadioDJ.

Download & Configure AltaCast

RadioDJ doesn't come with the ability to broadcast online. Instead, you need to download and configure an AltaCast plugin. Download the plugin here:

Extract the files. Copy "bassenc.dll" from the 'Zipped.2.5.5/root' folder and paste it within the RadioDJ folder, this will replace the existing file under the same name.

Moving the bassenc.dll file to the right place.

Next, go into the 'Zipped.2.5.5/root/Plugins' folder, copy encoders, Plugin_Encoder.dll, and Plugin_Encoder, then paste them into RadioDJ Plugins folder.

Pasting in encoders to the RadioDJ plugins folder.

Download & Configure LAME MP3

LAME MP3 is an encoder that converts audio to the MP3 format; AltaCast needs this to connect successfully to your radio station. Download the latest LAME MP3 encoder here:

Extract the files. Copy the lame_enc.dll file, then paste it in Encoders within the RadioDJ Plugins folder alongside the Altacast plugins.

Adding encoders into RadioDJ.

Import Tracks

Open Radio DJ – Make sure you have tracks ready to stream to your radio station. Add them in Tracks Manager -> Import -> Folder -> Folder Icon-> Search for the folder with your tracks.

Importing tracks to RadioDJ.

Enter Your Station's Details

Select the AltaCast tab, then select the plus (+) button to add a new encoder. Enter your station’s details (these can be found in your Dashboard under the "Live" tab):

  • Encoder Title: My Radio Station

  • Kbps: 128 or higher

  • Sample Rate: 44100

  • Encoder: MP3 LAME

  • Server Type: SHOUTcast

  • Server IP:

  • Port: 1234

  • Password: a1b2c3d4e5

Adding radio station encoder details into RadioDJ.

Broadcast to Your Online Radio Station

Start playing audio within RadioDJ, then right-click on the encoder you created and select Start. The encoder should show as Enabled and Connected.

Your station will connect within 10-30 seconds depending on network speeds ( Dashboard shows you when a stream is connected with "DJ On Air" under the "Live" tab).

Broadcasting live from RadioDJ to

NOTE: You can only go live when the live event starts. If you try to connect to the system before the start time, your broadcast software will show an error. 

DJ live status in

Need Help?

RadioDJ is a complex piece of software to install. If you are having difficulty with the configuration of your hardware or audio library, please visit the RadioDJ Support forums for additional assistance.

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