SAM Cast

SAM Cast is a live streaming program for talk and music broadcasts developed by Spacial.

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NOTE: This help guide was prepared by and is for reference only. We advise to check the developer’s help resources for more in depth support with their software.

Before you can broadcast live, schedule a live event within your station calendar. Please see this guide for more information.

What is SAM Cast?

Compatible with Windows 8/10, it's designed with simplicity in mind as you can add Digital Signal Processing (DSP) plugins to use with your chosen media player like Winamp.

The free trial version of SAM Cast offers live audio from your microphone, you need to purchase the full version to stream music from your media player - You can find out more here.

SAM Cast dashboard.

What You Need

Download SAM Cast. The free version offers limited broadcasting capabilities, however, you can purchase the full version here.

Initial Setup

  1. Launch SAM Cast.

  2. Select Encoders.

  3. Click the + button and choose MP3 (LAME_ENC).

  4. Choose 128kbps for Bitrate, then click the Server Details tab.

Enter Your Station's Details

  • Server Type: ShoutCast v1

  • Server IP: Your host URL (e.g.

  • Server Port: The 4 digit port number (e.g. 1000)

  • Password: E.g. 11a1aa1a1a1a

SAM Cast encoder details.

Find your station's login details under the Live tab in your Dashboard.

Broadcast Live

Select the encoder you have just added and click the play button, SAM Cast will then connect to your online radio station. Start broadcasting your audio by clicking the Start button to stream your audio live.

SAM Cast broadcasting live to

NOTE: You can only go live when the live event starts. If you try to connect to the system before the start time, your broadcast software will show an error. 

DJ live connection status.
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