LadioCast is a free to use app designed for macOS. Use it to broadcast audio from your microphone and mix in music.

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NOTE: This help guide was prepared by and is for reference only. We advise to check the developer’s help resources for more in depth support with their software.

Before you can broadcast live, schedule a live event within your station calendar. Please see this guide for more information.

Download and Install LadioCast

Download LadioCast from The App Store.

LadioCast download.

Open the .dmg file which will proceed to install the app, then open it up.

Enter Your Radio Station’s Details

In LadioCast, go to the top bar to Streamer -> Streamer 1 -> SHOUTcast.

Choosing streamer in LadioCast.

Enter your station’s details, these can be found under your Live tab in your Dashboard. Enter your connection details:

  • Host: E.g.

  • Port: E.g. 1172

  • Password: E.g. a12b3c4d5e6f

  • Stream Name: E.g. PI Radio (Live)

  • Genre: E.g. Indie

  • Web URL: E.g.

Radio connection details in LadioCast.

Set your encoder details:

  • Format: AAC

  • Sample Rate: 44100

  • Bitrate Mode: Constant

  • Bitrate: 128kbps

  • Quality Level: 3

  • Channel: Stereo

Encoding details in LadioCast.

Enter your stream’s metadata which will show up on your station, e.g. My Live Radio Show.

Updating LadioCast metadata.

In the mixer control panel, you can adjust your inputs and outputs. By default, your built-in input is used (your microphone). If you need to change this then use the drop down, if not then leave as is.

LadioCast inputs.

Broadcast Online

Before you broadcast live, set a live event in your Dashboard -> Schedule. Alternatively set the live anytime feature on so you can connect whenever you want – More details here.

Creating an event in the schedule.

When you’re ready to broadcast click the connect button in your streamer. You should see a connection made within 5-10 seconds depending on your bandwidth speed.

Broadcasting live using LadioCast to
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