Before you can broadcast live, schedule a live event within your station calendar. Please see this guide for more information.

What is NextKast?

As a cost effective alternative, NextKast offers features like built in audio processors, crossfading, and a way to setup music rotations to automatically create playlists.

Initial Setup

NextKast is only available for the Windows operating system - Request to download it here.

When you have NextKast installed it should look something like this:

NextKast dashboard.

Enter Streaming Details

To setup NextKast with you will need to access ‘Broadcast Settings’.

Grab your live streaming details which can be found in the dashboard DJ bar as 'Host', 'Port', and 'Pass'. DJ status.

Configure your settings like the ones below:

  • Enable Encoder: Yes

  • Type: Live365

  • Server Path: [e.g.]

  • Port: [e.g. 1000]

  • Password: [e.g. 1aa111a1a1a1aa]

NextKast radio server configuration.

Save your configuration - You can adjust other settings later on like auto-reconnect if the signal drops and adjust the audio bitrate or format.

Start Broadcasting

Make sure you are playing audio before broadcasting, then select ‘Off Air’ to switch your encoder on and stream to your station.

NextKast live status.

Check that you have successfully connected in your Dashboard. live DJ status.
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