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Managing Listeners allows you to manage your listener connections either globally (limit territories and useragents) or on a connection basis.

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Global Options

You can find these by navigating to Settings > Security.

security settings

Geo Protection

This feature allows you to restrict stream access to specific territories.

If you only wish to block access to a select few territories select Block then add them to the countries list. If you only wish to allow access to a few territories select Allow then add them.

Ripper Protection

This is useful if you want to prevent listeners recording your stream which will ultimately waste precious bandwidth. We have added some known stream ripping applications to the list already.

If you want to add a stream ripper to the list simply type the name in the box. 

Note: If you accidentally add an application (e.g. iTunes) this will instantly block all iTunes connections. You will need to remove this from the list and re-save to re-enable access. 

Ban List

This shows all the IP's you have currently banned from the system. It is off by default if no IP's have been banned.

You can manually add an IP to the ban list by toggling the option On, then typing the IP address in the box provided.

Individual Options

If you need to kick or ban a nuisance listener you can do so by navigating to Statistics > Real Time and use the options on the table next to the listener you wish to remove.

ban IP

Kicking - This will remove the user from the station. They will be able to reconnect. If there are multiple users connected from the same IP address, the other users will remain connected

Banning - This will remove the user and all others with the same IP address from the station. They will not be able to reconnect.

If you accidentally ban an IP (yourself or a DJ for example) you can unban them using the option discussed above in Settings > Security.

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