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Uploading, Downloading, & Editing Media
Uploading, Downloading, & Editing Media

Organise your entire media library all-in-one place. Upload in bulk and edit tracks to make station management a breeze.

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To upload your music on, you have two options. Either upload directly via the dashboard, or if you have a lot of tracks then you can upload using FTP. 

Few things to note before uploading tracks:

  • 200MB upload limit via the browser.

  • MP3 and M4A (AAC) files supported.

  • MP3 files need to be encoded at CBR (constant bitrate).

  • VBR (variable bitrate) files won't play.

  • Files protected by DRM are not supported.

  • Sample rate must be 44.1 kHz.

Dashboard Upload

Log in to Click Add Media in the top bar and then Select Files.

Uploading tracks via drag and drop.

After doing this, a window will appear. You can select your tracks to upload here.

Selecting files to upload.

Alternatively, you can simply drag and drop the tracks into

Process of dragging and dropping media.

After selecting your tracks, they will begin uploading. You can keep track of their progress using the progress meters.

Uploading media progress.

After the upload has completed, the tracks will appear in your Media section. Watch the video below to learn a bit more about the Media section. This covers uploading via FTP for the first half of the video, also explained below.

FTP Upload

You'll need FTP software. FileZilla is a free download for Windows and macOS. Just login to, click Add Media in the top bar, and then click FTP.

FTP radio station details.

Launch FileZilla and enter your FTP Information in the fields near the top of the window. Example details:

  • Host:

  • Username: s123456789.u123456789

  • Password: 012345678901

  • Port: Ignore this field

IMPORTANT: You need to use your own details to connect. Using these details above won't work. Head to your Dashboard, and click on the "Add Media" button as shown above. You will see your own details which should be entered into FileZilla.

When you have entered this information click Quick Connect. This will connect to your Storage Space.

Entering FTP details into FileZilla.

Uploading Tracks

FileZilla has two folder directories. The left is your computer. The right side is the Station Server.

There are two ways of uploading files:

  • Navigate to the audio file location in the left file directory, highlight selection and drag over to the right to upload. (For single files you can just double click them to upload)

  • Find the file/folder on your computer using My Computer or Finder and dragging it over to the file directory on the right of FileZilla

Remember, supports MP3 and M4A files. WAV, AIFF and other formats are not supported. 

Downloading Tracks

You can also download your tracks after you've uploaded them to your station if you lose the original copies of the tracks on your computer. Note, this can only be done via FTP.

After connecting to your station using FTP and the guide above, you can simply click and drag your tracks from the right file directory to the left. This will download your tracks from to your computer. 

Downloading media via an FTP client FileZilla.

Deleting Tracks

Deleting a track or multiple tracks is very simple. Head over to your Media section, select the tracks/media you wish to remove and click on the red dustbin icon towards the top right hand corner.

If you want to remove a single media file, this can also be done via clicking on the 3 dots under 'Action'

Which will give the above pop up box, where you can select 'Delete this track'.

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