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Google Actions (Conversational Actions) will no longer be available from June 13th 2023.

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From June 13th 2023, Google Actions (Conversational Actions) will no longer be available. So listeners will not be able to tune into your station via Google Nests or Google Assistant on smart devices.

Why is Google removing Actions?

Google want to ensure that developers have access to the most up-to-date technology. As such, they're favouring newer tools and technologies over Conversational Actions.

Additionally, Google has identified that since the launch of Actions, there has been a general decline in usage. So they've decided to stop supporting Conversational Actions, in favour of other Action types like:

None of which are currently compatible with radio stations.

Alternatives to Google Actions?

Sadly, no viable alternatives are available for broadcasters to get their station on Google Smart speakers or Google Assistant devices as standalone Actions. Media or Radio Actions may become an option in the future. But for now, both have limited access.

Third-party services from directories like TuneIn may offer Google Actions, so it's worth talking with those providers. Or get on Amazon Echoes with an Alexa skill.

What will happen to my Google Action?

From June 13th 2023, no more Google Conversational Actions can be made and existing Actions will be disabled. All Actions will stop working, including made Actions.

Can I still get Google Actions for my radio station?

No. As the service is being sunset, will no longer offer Google Actions.

I've paid for Google Actions - what now?

If you've paid for Google Actions as a standalone add-on, contact support for a refund. Please provide account details associated with the Action, along with the purchase date. shall stop taking payments for the Google Actions add-on from May 2023. Therefore, monthly subscriptions will not be charged for the add-on after this point, and no refunds will be offered. As annual subscriptions have paid for the year upfront, if you're on an annual plan then please contact support for a pro-rata refund.

Google Actions are part of my plan - what next?

If you're on a plan that includes Google Actions, then there's nothing you need to do. Google Actions will be removed automatically from your account by June 13th 2023.

Are Amazon Echo Alexa skills affected?

No, Alexa skills are a separate service from Google Actions, so will not be affected.

Will Google Actions return? is actively looking for an alternative solution to Google Actions so you and your listeners can enjoy radio on Google smart devices. So expect updates in the future.

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