Zapier Track Tagging

Upload and tag tracks automatically using Zapier.

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Make track management easier using Zapier tagging. Whether one-off tracks or regular hour-long mixes, automate DJ collaboration by sending files from places like Dropbox to your station, all without lifting a finger.

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How to Upload and Tag Tracks Using Zapier

Start by heading into your Zapier Dashboard, then choose Make A Zap.

Make a new zap.

Next, choose your preferred storage service (like Dropbox) in your Trigger, then select New File in Folder as your trigger event.

Type of trigger event for Dropbox.

Connect your chosen account to your trigger.

Connect chosen service, in this case Dropbox.

Choose the folder you’ll be placing files into for the trigger.

Choose a folder to monitor for triggered Zapier events.

Test your trigger to make sure it picks a file from the folder you've selected. Once successful, continue.

Test the zap, make sure it works as intended.

For your action event, choose's Upload a Track.

Setup the Zapier action to upload news files.

Then make sure your action is hooked up to your account.

Test your connected station.

Now apply your tag. Select your station, the upload URL, and file name. The tag dropdown will show existing tags from your station, so choose whichever you want to be applied to tracks placed in your trigger folder.

If no tags are shown, create one in your dashboard.

Adjust the Zapier action settings for so they're correct.

Lastly, test to make sure the Zap works. When successful, turn it on to go live.

Test the action.

You should now find the track in your media library with the correct tag applied to it.

Monitor Automated Uploads

Running tasks in the background makes your life easier. But it's good to check in to make sure everything is working as intended.

In your media library, search for a track or show uploaded. If all went well, the tag should be applied correctly.

Check files are uploaded and tagged correctly.

And if you've not done so already, add the tag to a live playlist that's in rotation.

Add tags to playlists for dynamic shows with DJs.

Now when a DJ uploads a track or full-length show to an external storage place like Dropbox, they'll get automatically added and ready to go live.

Keep Track of Your Zaps

To go one step further, multiple Zaps can be setup for mass upload and tagging. Just follow the same steps, hooking up your chosen storage drive to your station and adjusting the settings.

Create and manage multiple zaps.

To keep track of what's going on, use Zap History. Get a play by play of all your previously fired Zaps. But be aware, on the free plan Zaps are limited and run every 15 minutes. Higher plans offer shorter wait times and less restriction.

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