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What is Voice Tracking?

When a user is live on-air, they would usually speak between tracks. Either letting the listener know what just played, what's up next, or providing other information or 'banter'. 

When using an automation system the user cannot cut in live to speak between tracks as easily as a full live broadcast. 

Voice Tracking allows the user to create a playlist of tracks and insert a recorded segment in between them. This was previously possible by recording them on their computer using third party software, then uploading them to the station music library and adding them in manually. Voice tracking aims to simplify this process, allowing the user to record directly to in the playlist editor and upload the file without using desktop software.


Browser Compatibility

This functionality requires advanced browser technologies, therefore, it is only available on the browsers below:

  • Google Chrome (Recommended)
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge

We recommend ensuring your browser is up-to-date before using this service.


Voice Tracking is available on the Broadcaster and Station plans.
If you are on DJ plan you can upgrade by heading to Settings > Billing > Change Plan in your dashboard.

User Roles

Voice Tracking is available to users with the following role permissions:

  • Station Owner
  • Station Manager
  • Music Controller

Getting Started

Log into your Dashboard then head to Playlists in the sidebar. On the upper right side, you will see the Voice Tracking button (Microphone). 

The Add Voice Tracking pop-up will appear. 

If you have not used the service before, click the record button to allow access to your recording devices. This will usually show a pop up on the upper left side of your browser window:

A drop down menu will appear at the top of the pop-up, displaying Default. We recommend changing this to the specific device you want to record audio from. In this guide, we will be using the Scarlet 2i2 Audio interface connected to a studio condenser microphone. 


Now you are ready to start your recording. Ensure the levels on your recording device are adequate (if applicable) then click the red Microphone button again to begin recording. Recordings can last up to ten minutes.

The Record button will show the input level of your device as above. If your input is too loud, a warning will display at the top of the pop-up. The recording will continue, however, the resulting Voice track may be distorted.

Similarly, if the Record button is not showing any output when you start recording, your levels may be too low. You will need to adjust them and start recording again. 

Once you have finished recording click the Stop button. A green Play button will appear to allow you to review your Voice Track. 

If you wish to re-record, click Clear Recording. This will delete the Voice Track you just recorded so you can start again.

Finishing Up

If you are happy with your recorded Voice Track you can add a required Title and optional Artist in the Metadata section. Bear in mind the Title will be visible to your listeners when on the air so this should be relevant to the show. 

Once complete, click the green Create button at the bottom of the page. The Voice Track will begin uploading to your station. You will see this in the lower right of your page. 

Once processing is complete it will appear as a standard track. Processing may take some time depending on the length of your recording. 

Once added, click the green Save Changes button at the top of the screen to save your Playlist.

Now when your playlist airs, the Voice Track will play like any other track. It will also be stored in your Voice Track library, accessible within the Playlist editor and Media sections of your dashboard.

Voice Track Management

Once your Voice Tracks have been created you can edit their cue and fade points in your Media Library

Just like the track library, you can click the Actions (...) button to access the Voice Editor. You can also download the Voice Track to your computer for future use on live broadcasts if desired. 

In the editor, you can fine tune the Cue in / out and Fade in / out points of your voice track. You can also rename it or add custom artwork. 

To delete a Voice Track from your station, select it in the Voice Tracking library and click the trash can icon. 


My Recording sounds choppy or clips

In Windows, your recording settings must be set to 44100Hz (CD Quality). This option can be found by right clicking the volume icon in the taskbar then 'Recording Devices'.

Click the device you wish to use then click Properties. On the Advanced tab, you can see what option is set and adjust if need be. 

If you record using a different sample rate you may notice the file will clip and become choppy. 

Recorded level is too low

Adjust your input levels either on your computer or mixer device. You can test the levels by starting a new recording in and watching for movement on the indicator.

I cannot see Voice Tracking on my dashboard

  • Voice Tracking is only available on the Broadcaster, Broadcaster+, Station and Station+ Plans. 
  • The feature can only be accessed by users assigned as either Music Controller, Station Manager or Station Owner. 
  • You can adjust user permissions under Users in your dashboard.

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