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Submit to iTunes Internet Radio


Internet Radio is available on iTunes desktop and Apple TV (3rd generation). It allows users to tune in to your station from their iTunes App and quickly add your station to their library playlists. 

Before you start

Ensure your stream is accessible from the USA. You will need to allow United States in your Geoblock settings if you have this feature enabled on your dashboard. 
  • Open iTunes
  • Select 'Open Stream…' in the File menu
  • Enter your audio stream URL and verify your station starts playing. The listen link to use is the one ending in '/listen' which can be found in Dash > Listen. 

Submitting your Station

Apple only accept completed station spreadsheets. You can edit these in Apple Numbers or Microsoft Excel. You will also need your station logo in PNG format at a resolution of 3000x3000px.
You can download the spreadsheet here.

Submission Spreadsheet Help

Your radio station’s details need to be accurate and follow these guidelines, so open up your spreadsheet and let’s begin!



The exact name of your radio station, for example capitalisation, spacing, and even symbols that are not exact will result in your station being rejected, so make sure it’s accurate.



Choose from one of Apple’s suggested genres:

  • 70s Retro
  • 80s Flashback
  • 90s Hits
  • Adult Contemporary
  • Alternative Rock
  • Ambient
  • Blues
  • Classic Rock
  • Classical
  • College/University
  • Comedy
  • Eclectic
  • Electronica
  • Golden Oldies
  • Hard Rock
  • Metal
  • Hip Hop / Rap
  • International / World
  • Jazz
  • News / Talk Radio
  • Reggae / Island
  • Religious
  • RnB / Soul
  • Sports Radio
  • Top 40 / Pop

If your genre isn’t listed then choose one that you think represents your station.



Your radio station’s city or state.



Your country, this needs to be two characters, however if you’re unsure then check here.


Manchester’s Northern Quarter Online, Mobile, & DAB Station.

Your description needs to be accurate and have no spelling, capitalisation, grammar, punctuation, or spacing errors – Your station will be rejected if you have any of those errors and you will need to submit your radio station to iTunes Radio & Apple Music again, for instance based on the description above Apple will reject the this: “Manchesters northern quarter, ONLINE, Mobile, ad dab sTation”.



Does your station have explicit material or language? Either state Yes or No.



This has to be 23.

Home Page

The full URL of your radio station’s home page, beginning with either “http://” or “https://” – If you don’t have one then use a social media link like Twitter:



This has be Yes.

Provider Contact Info

John Gibson,

State your full name, email, phone number, and iTunes Store login account and email address – If you don’t have a phone number, iTunes Store login, and email address then don’t worry as they’re not necessarily needed.



This has to be Active.



This has to be 45.


Save the Spreadsheet and visit the iTunes Internet Radio website to submit your request
Under Choose a Topic, select 'Submit my station'
More options will appear:
  • Your Email Address - Enter your email address, preferably one you can be contacted on. Apple will use this to send confirmation of your listing
  • Subject - Enter 'Station Submission: [Station Name]' where [Station Name] can be replaced. 
  • Description - A message to the iTunes Team along the lines of 'Submission of station to the iTunes Internet Radio directory.'
  • Priority - Set this as 'Normal'
  • Name - Your name
  • Apple ID - Your email address associated with your Apple ID
  • Attachments - Add your submission spreadsheet and station logo here. 
Click Submit. 


Apple can take up to 10 business days to process your request. Please note iTunes Internet Radio is a third party service. have no control over their operations. If your station is not listed after 10 days we recommend you contact them directly using this form and choosing 'Other' from the drop down.