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Station Settings

This article will provide a brief overview of all settings options in



Name: This is to identify the station within It will also be included in any players such as iTunes or VLC.

Logo: This is used as the default image on our web players if your track artwork is not available. It is also shown on the dashboard. The image should be 500x500px PNG. 


About your station

This information is used for future directory integration and is self explanitory. 

Timezone: This is the primary timezone of your station. This should be set to the timezone your station is primarily located. Changing this setting will affect the schedule. 



Playout Mode

You can adjust the crossfade between tracks. 

Note: Tracks under 15 seconds are considered 'stingers' and will not crossfade. If you have a top of hour playlist scheduled, your station will cut to the new show on the hour. 

Click Save to update this field. This does not require a reload and will be affective from the next played track. 


Audio Stream Quality

Sound Quality: Default is 128Kbps and is suitable for most applications. If your listeners are in an area with poor connectivity you may wish to lower this to 64Kbps or 96Kbps. 

For the best quality stream set this to 192Kbps. 

Note: A higher bitrate will consume your plan's bandwidth faster. 

Output Format: Default is MP3 as this is widely compatible across devices. AAC is supported and sounds better at lower bitrates, however it may not be compatible with Web Players in certain browsers. 

Mobile Streaming: This enables a second lower quality 64Kbps AAC stream which is suitable for Mobile devices accessing from a cellular connection. If you use the included Web player and set it's stream to Adaptive the mobile stream will be used on mobile phones and tablets. 

Click Save to update these settings. Be mindful that any changes hetre require a station reload which will kick all your listeners. These settings should not be adjusted during peak shows. 



Geo Protection

This feature allows you to restrict stream access to specific territories.

If you only wish to block access to a select few territories select Block then add them to the countries list
If you only wish to allow access to a few territories select Allow then add them. 


Ripper Protection

This is useful if you want to prevent listeners recording your stream which will ultimately waste precious bandwidth. We have added some known stream ripping applications to the list already. 

If you want to add a stream ripper to the list simply type the name in the box.
Note: If you accidentally add an application (e.g. iTunes) this will instantly block all iTunes connections. You will need to remove this from the list and re-save to re-enable access.  

Ban List

This shows all the IP's you have currently banned from the system. It is off by default if no IP's have been banned. 

You can manually add an IP to the ban list by toggling the option On, then typling the IP address in the box provided. 



You can find your FTP details on this page. If you have provided your FTP details to someone else and no longer want them to have access, you can change the FTP password by clicking Generate

Note: We suggest saving your FTP details in your software. 



You can add your Tunein IDs or enable Twitter from this page. Please refer to specific guides in the Support Centre for these services.