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(BETA) Playlist Metadata

Playlist metadata allows you to customise the track information displayed on players during a live event. 

If your live broadcasting software does not allow you to send track information, this functionality is ideal to provide listeners with information about the current playing show. 

Note: At present Playlist Metadata will only function if you connect as a live DJ and do not send any track information.

This feature is available on our Broadcaster, Station and Gold plans. If you are on the DJ plan, you can upgrade via the billing settings page in your dashboard


Getting Started

Playlist Metadata options are located within the Playlist editor (Playlists > Playlist Name > Edit). Once the Playlist Editor loads, click the Pencil icon on the right-hand section. This will bring up the playlist options window. 

On this pop-up window, you can rename your playlist and change the color. You can also provide playlist artwork, title and artist information. 

By default the Title is set to the playlist name (e.g. Bailey's Pop Hour) and the Artist is set to your Station name (e.g. The Hits FM). 



To upload custom artwork click the Camera icon in the upper left of the artwork and select Upload.
Choose a file from your computer, ensuring it is at least 600x600px and in JPG or PNG format. Any files uploaded that aren't square will be centre cropped. Please bear this in mind as it may cause chopped text. 

If you want to remove your playlist artwork you can do so by clicking the Camera Icon and selecting None.


Track Information

To edit the Playlist title and artist change them in the text fields on the window.

Click Update to apply your changes, Clear to reset artwork and track information or Cancel to go back to the main playlist editor screen. 

To save the changes you have made, click the Save Changes button on the main Playlist editor screen. 


When your Playlist airs during a live scheduled event, as your broadcasting software connects, the Playlist Metadata will appear on the dashboard. It will also show on any HTML players, Android and iOS Apps. 

 If you schedule a playlist, but there is no live connection, normal track metadata will display as usual.