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Migrate Wavestreaming Cloud DJ to

NOTE: You must sign up to a trial BEFORE completing this form. If you have not signed up yet, please visit this link:

If you are moving to and have a larger capacity Cloud DJ, you may wish to migrate your MP3 files across.

Please note: and are different systems. If you have recently made a payment for your Wavestreaming service, this cannot be transferred to We advise you to open a account towards the end of your current Wavestreaming billing period.

Similarly, if you have credit on your account, as per their Terms & Conditions, this cannot be transferred to but does not expire and can be used of any other service.

Migration is a manual process. You will need to request this using the form below. Due to demand, Migration can take up to 48 hours.

You will receive email confirmation once migration has completed.

Note: If you plan on leaving Wavestreaming. You will still need to send a cancellation request to Wavestreaming support via your Client Area.