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Volume Normalisation

Dynamically adjusts the stream output to provide a constant average volume.

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Volume normalisation is only available on the Standard or higher plans πŸ”‰

What's volume normalisation?

Volume normalisation automatically adjusts the volume level of your audio files to ensure consistent listening throughout your broadcasts. This eliminates manual adjustments and creates a smoother listening experience for your audience.

In practice, volume normalisation dynamically adjusts the stream output by approximately -13dB in real-time so audio levels are consistent.

Volume normalisation bringing down loud audio.

Loud noises will be noticeably reduced. But not always.

Can the gain be adjusted?

No, the gain is fixed at -13dB.

But that doesn't stop you from using a 3rd party app like Adobe Audition, Audacity, etc on pre-recorded media to level the audio yourself, then upload to

Does it apply to uploaded media and live broadcasts?

Yes, volume normalisation is applied to the final output.

So both uploaded media and live broadcasts will have volume normalisation applied dynamically on the fly. The idea is to offer a consistent sound across the board for whatever type of station you're running.

Volume normalisation is reactive based on the volume of the last bit of buffered output. So sudden changes in volume could give dramatic results.

Enabling volume normalisation βœ…

In Settings > Broadcasting, enable volume normalisation, then save.

Enabling volume normalisation.

Enabling or disabling volume normalisation will restart your station. Listeners will be kicked and need to reconnect, so please adjust during quiet periods.

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