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Sunsetting Talk Shows

From May 2024, will be sunsetting the Talk Shows feature. Find out more about this below.

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Why is it being removed?

As part of our continual improvements to the platform, we've been gradually upgrading the front end to provide an improved user experience.

Between January 2023 and January 2024, only 2.6% of stations used the Talk Show feature. Out of the 2.6% of stations using the feature, less than 20% of those used the feature for more than 1 month of the year. If we're looking at stations using the Talk Show feature over 2 months or more, it's 0.44% of all stations.

To bring the Talk Show feature over to the new front end, it'd require a huge amount of development resources. We've decided given it's current usage, we're best assigning these resources to more well-used features, as well as introducing new features such as volume normalisation (coming soon).

What will happen to my recordings?

Any Talk Sessions that have been recorded will be moved to the Recordings section.

What alternatives are there?

Platforms such as Cleanfeed allow you to record interviews for free. You would then upload the recording to as a track.

If you wish to know more about hosting your first session on Cleanfeed, check out this guide.

If you are wishing to connect as a guest to another host's session, check out this guide.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at

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