From Mid-December 2021 we will be no longer offering our current apps to new users. This is due to our exciting new App offering launching in early 2022. For further information please visit our website.


If you have not already set an account up, you will need to enrol in the developer programme. You can do that here:

As of the second half of 2021, the Google Play Store will require new apps to be published through the Android App Bundle as an .aab file. New apps larger than 150 MB will have to use either dynamic feature delivery or dynamic asset delivery. Discover more here.

Please note: Do NOT upload your AAB for testing, doing this will mean that the app needs to be redeveloped to a new version, we do charge for redevelopments if an app has been uploaded to testing.

Getting Started

Log into the Google Play Developer Console:

Click Create App on the upper right side of the page.

Google play developer console

Enter the following information:

Google play developer console


App name: The name of the app as it will show on both the listing, and also the listeners Android device.

App or game: Select App.

Free or paid: Choose whether you'd like to charge a fee for listeners to download your app.

At the bottom of this page, you'll need to tick the 2 declarations before being able to proceed.

Click Create app.

Main Store Listing

This is where you can enter specifics about your App. All this information will be displayed on your Google Play App page. 

'Main Store Listing' will be found in the drop menu under Grow > Store presence.

Remember this page will be accessible to users of all ages. Please refrain from using profanity or adult content. Also copyrighted terms should be avoided (e.g. Apple, Google,

Google play developer console


  • Short description: Brief overview of your app.

  • Full description: Expand further on the short description. Ensure you describe your App fully as it will be indexed and used for Google Play Store searches.


Google play developer console

In this section, you ONLY need to upload assets on the Phone and Tablet tabs, Hi-res Icon, and Feature Graphic.

  • Included in the Zip bundle within the Screenshots folder you will see at least 2 screenshots for Phone, 7 Inch tablet and 10 inch tablet. (phone_X.png, 7tablet_X.png, 10Tablet_X.png). Upload these to their respective sections by dragging them over one by one.

  • In the Hi-res Icon section upload the file titled IC_Launcher_Web.png

  • In the Feature Graphic section, upload a feature graphic. A template file (GoogleFeaturedTemplate.png) is included in the Zip bundle which is formatted at the correct size.

Click Save in the bottom left corner.

Store Settings

On the left side menu, select Store Settings under the Grow > Store presence.

Google play developer console


  • App or game: Leave App selected.

  • Category: Choose Music & Audio from the dropdown.

  • Email address and website: Enter the contact details which listeners can reach you at. Please note that listeners will be able to see this information on the listing page.

  • Website URL: If you have a website, please enter the URL here.

Click Save in the bottom right corner.


At the bottom of the left side menu, select App Content under the Policies header.

Google play developer console
  • Each policy needs to be filled out. To start, select 'Start' under each policy, and it'll provide step by step instructions.

  • Note - 'COVID-19 contact tracing and status apps' & 'Data Safety' polices have been added to the list of policy agreements that Google required to be completed.

Note: If you've not yet created a Privacy Policy, please visit this guide for more information.

App Releases

Click on Releases in the left side menu, then click Production. 

Google play developer console

Select Countries/regions.

Google play developer console

Select Add counties/regions.

  • Tick the countries you'd like your app to be available in. If you'd like the app available in all countries, please select the Country/Region tick box at the top.

Google play developer console

Select Releases, then Create new release.

Google play developer console


  • App bundles and APKs: Click upload/drag and drop your .AAB file included in the Zip bundle within the release folder (app.aab).

  • Release name: Enter a name which you can use to identify the release. This is only visible to you.

  • Release notes: You should leave this blank.

Click SAVE then Review Release at the bottom of the page.

On the next page, you may see the following warning:

This App Bundle contains Java/Kotlin code, which might be obfuscated. We recommend you upload a deobfuscation file to make your crashes and ANRs easier to analyze and debug.

Please ignore this, and select Start rollout to Production in the bottom right corner.

Google play developer console

Your app has now been submitted to Google. Once it's been reviewed and published, Google will let you know via the email linked to your Google Developer account.

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