COVID-19 Important Information:
Due to a reduced workforce we are unable to process Apps as promptly as usual. Please allow up to 10 business days for App Development for both iOS and Android devices. 

Please note, you must have an existing developer account with either Apple or Google to use these services.

Order Apps

Order new apps by going to your Dashboard -> Add Ons, then select either or both of the apps you wish to order.

Note: On iOS, after payment you need to provide your Apple developer details and store information when prompted.

The terms and conditions for each app are different; by submitting forms on the pages mentioned you agree to these terms.

Ordered Apps on Checkout

When you have ordered an app as part of your plan and have finished your free trial, you will receive details within an email on the steps you need to take to submit them for development.

Note: If you have not received any emails regarding your apps then please contact

Submit Your Details

In the App Builder design the look of your station's app. Download either the Android Template or iPhone Template before continuing. Follow these steps to submit your app:

  • Name: Your station's app name - We recommend it being no longer than 12 characters.
  • Icon: Submit an icon for your app 1024px1024px; iOS icons cannot include transparency.
  • App Colors: Choose your text, shading, and accent colours.
  • Background: Choose a background colour or upload an image.
  • Station Logo: Upload a logo for your station, we recommend 512x512px.
  • Album Artwork: Choose whether you want square, rounded, or no album artwork displayed.
  • Autoplay: Choose if you want your app to automatically play or not on launch.
  • Website: Link to your radio station's website.
  • Share Template: Set the message structure of what your station is playing out to third-party apps like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Social Links: Add links to your social platforms (Facebook needs your ID which you can get here).
  • Confirm: Finally, confirm and pay for your app (if your account is in trial then you will have to wait until it's over to submit your app).

Once you have submitted your details one of the support team will be in touch within 72 hours to confirm if it has been accepted for development or rejected. If your app gets rejected please follow the team member's instructions on what needs updating.

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