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Setup Your Twitter Feed
Setup Your Twitter Feed
Publish currently playing tracks to increase discoverability on Twitter.
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You will find Twitter settings on the Integrations tab within your station's settings panel.

Twitter integration in

You will need to connect the Twitter App on first use. Click the Connect button to proceed. This will redirect you to a Twitter authorization page. Please ensure you are logged in to the correct Twitter account or log in if you have not done so already.

Twitter authorisation tab

Click Authorize App, this may take a few seconds. You will then be directed back to the dashboard.

When you revisit the integrations page in Settings, you will see the configurable options under Twitter.

By default, the App will just tweet the song title at 5-minute intervals using the tag {song_title}.

You can customise the Tweet content any way you like with Hashtags and Mentions. Please bear in mind that tweets are capped at 280 Characters. This includes the now playing track.

In the example below, we have added '#NowPlaying' alongside a listen link. This gives the Tweet context. This will also improve searchability.

Integrations section

The interval is set in minutes. We recommend using a higher interval value. Be mindful that users may find high-frequency tweets a form of spam. We recommend setting the interval to 15-30 minutes.

You can also disable/enable the Twitter App without unlinking from your account using the toggle. Click Save to commit the changes.

Unlinking from your Twitter Account

If you wish to change the Twitter account, click the Deauthorize link at the bottom of the page. Follow the steps above to set up on your alternate twitter account.

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