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Create a website with Wix, the most popular and streamlined builder that saves you time curating elegant designs from countless templates.

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Wix is a popular website builder that goes back to the early 2000's. Streamlined and easy to use, the builder offers countless templates so you can create a website quickly. Using a 'drag and drop' toolkit, Wix paves the way for anyone to setup an online store, blog, or just a single page without needing to touch a single line of code.

Wix is a paid solution, offering monthly subscriptions plans from £7.50 in the UK, or $16.50 in the US.

Initial Setup

Before you get started, you need an active domain. This is essentially a domain name i.e. your website address like "", which has been registered with a domain registrar.

You can have your domain registered through Wix, or use an independent domain registrar like NameCheap or GoDaddy. You'll need an active domain before you can proceed.

To begin, go to Wix and sign up to get started.

Wix's sign up and log in page

From the main Homepage, select “Create New Site” and follow through the relevant options.

Create New Site Option

Select either Wix or Editor X platform

Select if this is for business use or personal use

Either complete or skip the optional information regarding your website & business (see examples below).

Search and select from the list, the type of website you are creating. This can be skipped.

Enter business name. You can change this anytime.

Tick boxes allowing you to select goals for your website

Next, select “Go to Dashboard”.

Option to select Go To dashboard

The dashboard will show you anything that is outstanding/incomplete. Go straight to “Design Site”: (Top right)

An overview of the dashboard page showing anything which is incomplete

Skipping past the first 2 options (kind of website and name of business) will present you with the following: (this can be skipped)

Building Your Website

Add features to website

Skipping the above presents you with:

Options to begin creating site suing a template, or get a customer built site.

“Go to Dashboard” will take you to the dashboard view where you'll start to create your website.

“Begin with a template” will present you with multiple templates you can choose from:

Select a template for the website

You can also select Blank Templates across the top and start from a completely blank template:

Select a blank template

Search function is included for a particular style/themed template. See example below:

Search through the different templates

Select option to either Edit or View:

Edit or View selected template

Let AI write the site site content or close the window. (‘x’ towards the top right)

Allows AI to write your site content

You can start to build your website as desired:

A view of the edit homepage

There's 2 options when building your website, Quick Edit, or edit via Manage Menu on the left-hand side.

Quick Edit - Editing Different Sections

Use the "Quick Edit" feature to quickly create/make changes to the Head section of the website.

Making changes to the Head via the Quick Edit option

Hovering over different sections will allow you to create/make changes to that particular section of the webpage.

Selecting/Hovering over different sections will allow you to Quick Edit these

Selecting Quick Edit on the relevant section, will open up a submenu on the right-hand side of the page, from where you can further create and amend different sections.

For example, Clicking into Quick Edit on the upper section of the webpage ( see below screenshot), then highlighting the strip area from the menu on the right will allow to add an image to the selected ‘strip’.

Shows how to quick edit the strip section

Edit via Manage Menu

Clicking on Manage Menu just underneath the Strip section (in the above screenshot), will allow you to add Tabs across the top which you can create as links to other webpages around your site: (explained further below in the 'Blank Template' section)

Add Tabs in the Strip section via manage Menu

Blank Template

The Blank Template option will look like this.

Blank Template view

Double-click into specific sections (in this example, site name) to create/edit the section further.

Selecting different sections to create on a Blank Template

However, it’s similar in the way you can Quick Edit > Manage Menu:

Can get to Manage Menu via the Quick Edit option.

When the menu on the left-hand side expands, you’ll find more options within each of the subheadings. When you add tabs at the top in the Horizontal Menu, you’ll see them appear here. Clicking on each section will allow you to work on that specific page.

Menu on left hand side provides further options in each subheading. Adding tabs across the top strip/header will appear in this section.

Exploring the Builder

The Add Elements section within the menu on the left hand side will assist you with all the features mentioned in the list. For example, clicking on “Image” > “Upload & Import” > You can then Upload images or Import them from social/Google accounts.

Uploading images for your website

Adding Images

Any images added will be shown within your “Site Files’ section, from where you can add the image to any section on your website. You can add more by clicking the “+Upload Media” icon towards the top left of the pop up box.

Images stored under the Site Files section with the option to upload more.

You can also search for images, illustrations and more provided by Wix by using the search bar towards the top:

Wix's own images and illustrations can be used. Search bar feature included.

Select the chosen image, click “Add to Page” towards bottom right of the page and you can then amend it as you wish for it to display on your web page. You can resize/position the image using the pointers/dots around the image. You can also use the tool bar across the top. (Circled in the below image)

Choose where to add the image on your website.

Adding a Web Player

In the LISTEN section > Web Players or Embed Codes > You can find different ways of presenting a player and the type of information displayed.

You can find this within the “Add Elements” section. As it’s the embed code you’ll be using, the below options are the ones you’ll want.

Adding a Web Player to your website.

This will open up a pop up box where you’ll need to paste the relevant Embed Code. Please note if you get any errors, try adding <p> at the start of the code and </p> at the end of the code. If you have any issues, please get in touch with the Support team by emailing

Adding the Web Players embed code.

Once your player's script is embedded you can publish your site to set the changes live.

Pages & Menu

Heading over to Pages & Menu will allow you to start working on specific pages:

Selecting and working on specific pages.

Site Design

Within the “Site Design” section you’ll be able to change the theme or individual colours of specific sections:

Change theme, colour and colours of individual sections.

Publishing the Website:

Once happy with the design, click on the Preview option first to see exactly how the website will be shown once published.

Clicking on "Publish" will publish the website, making it Live.

Preview or Publish your website.

If you have any issues or questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Support team at!

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