Google Actions are the equivalent of Amazon Alexa Skills. Google smart speakers and phones with Google Assistant have access to all Google Actions, so listeners with eligible devices can tune into your station with voice commands...

Hey Google, ask my radio station to play.

So get listed on Google Actions by submitting your radio station.

Submitting Your Google Action

Start off by going to Studio > Add Ons > Google Action.

Getting started with Google Action.

To successfully submit your Google Action, please follow these guidelines:

  • Name: Your radio station's name - check it isn't taken.

  • Short Desc: A single line describing your station.

  • Long Desc: Overview of your station and what listeners can expect.

  • Category: Choose the best place that fits your station.

  • Logo: Size should be 500x500px, PNG or JPG, and contain no transparency.

For the logo, best to follow Google's advice to avoid rejection.

Google Action logo guidelines.

Continue once all your details are added and you're happy to continue.

Adding station details for Google Action.

Finally, submit your Google Action for development.

Submit station Google Action.

Disclaimer: If Google Action is not included in your plan, you will need to place the order as an add on for your station, incurring an extra recurring charge.

Wait Time & Response

Wait times vary, but expect a response/action within 10 business days.

Rejected Google Actions will offer feedback on how to fix any issues. If in doubt, contact support. Accepted Google Actions will appear in Studio.

Once live, alternations require redevelopment which may be subject to an admin fee.

Playing Your Station with Google Assistant

Live Google Actions are instantly accessible on all eligible Google smart speakers and phones with Google Assistant. Listeners can play your station by saying...

Hey Google, ask [Google Action name] to play.


Hey Google, Talk to [Google Action name].

Your Google Action can be found within Google Assistant. Although listeners don't need to install the Action, share it for reviews and gain notability.

Live Google Action.


On one last note, Google Actions are another tool in your marketing arsenal to reach listeners. So if there's something you'd like to see next then let us know.

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