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Rocket Broadcaster simplifies your streaming workflow for a quick setup.

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NOTE: This help guide was prepared by and is for reference only. We advise to check the developer’s help resources for more in depth support with their software.

Rocket Broadcaster is software that can broadcast different applications and media players from your computer. It’s designed to make audio routing easy for your streams with a simple, minimalistic interface.

Setting Up Rocket Broadcaster for Live Streaming

Please Note: Rocket Broadcaster only works on Windows. For a Mac alternative, see Audio Hijack.

Go into Options>Preferences in the top window to make sure your settings are correct. Your sample rate should be around 44.1Khz (44100). Set your microphone or audio interface as the input device.

Rocket broadcaster audio settings.

If you use any streaming services or applications to broadcast music from, in Preferences, under System Audio Capture, select System Default. This makes sure any music played is routed through Rocket Broadcaster. With this selected, make sure no other applications are playing other than what you want or the audio will be streamed.

Rocket Broadcaster audio preferences.

Check on the main screen that your levels are coming through from your microphone and the application you're streaming from.

If audio levels are correct, go into Broadcast>Streams and enter your server details. You can find your port and password in your Dashboard under the Live tab.

Rocket Broadcaster radio station connection details.

If you’re using broadcast software alongside Rocket you’ll need to make sure your metadata display is correct by going into Preferences>Metadata. Processes for configuring metadata vary between software, so for guides check Rocket Broadcaster’s documentation.

Rocket Broadcaster Metadata Settings

Once all this has been set up you’ll need to test your stream. Do this by clicking on Start Broadcast. If everything is correct you’ll see On Air. If you don’t go live, double-check your stream settings.

Rocket broadcaster on air.
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