New Features:

Weekly Digest Emails: You can now enable this feature in Settings > Profile > Weekly Digest. The Weekly Digest is an email which is sent to the station owner once a week, containing statistics relating to the station's performance over the last 7 days. For more information, please visit our help guide here.

Track Editor Millisecond Support: The Track Editor now allows you to edit tracks in milliseconds, allowing greater control over the fade and cue points. For more information, please visit our help guide here.

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

Prevent Deletion Of Currently Playing Tracks: You'll no longer be able to delete a track if it's currently playing, which previously could have resulted in abnormal station behaviour. You can still delete tracks not currently playing as usual.

Spotify Web Player Integration: Due to Spotify changing their search URL, listeners clicking the Spotify link on the Web Player would have been advised that no track could be found. This has now been resolved, so that listeners can access the currently playing track.

Do you an idea for a feature you'd love to see implemented on Radio.co? If so, please do leave us feedback here! We review all suggestions, and you'll be notified should we decide to implement yours.

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