Please be aware, as a guest you must use the Google Chrome browser to connect to the Talk Show.

Note: If you visit the Talk page, but the host has not started the Talk Show session, you will see the following message:

When visiting the talk link your host has sent you, you will be invited to enter your name, choose your microphone/input and agree to the privacy policy. 

When you have entered your details click Call Station. The host will connect the call. If they have not connected within 15 seconds, you can retry by clicking Call Station again. 

Please be aware, by default you will be muted on connection until the host unmutes you. 

When you are connected, you can see a list of other participants and have an option to leave the call:

Once you hang up, or the show ends you will see the following message:

If you experience any issues, please contact the Station hosting the Talk Show session. 

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