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Record Collaborative Talk Shows
Record Collaborative Talk Shows

Invite guests to participate in talk shows which can be saved to your station for later broadcasting

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Note: All guests must use the Google Chrome browser to connect to the Talk Show. Talk is a new way to create a collaborative talk show directly within your Dashboard. Simply create a show and share your link to participants. Once everyone has joined you can brief them directly in, then record your show when ready.
Completed talks will be available in your media library for future scheduling on your station. 

Talk show caller screen

Who can use this feature?

Your station must be on the Gold or higher plan. You can upgrade by heading to Settings > Billing > Change Plan in your dashboard. 

If your station has collaborators, anyone with Music Controller or above roles will be able to use the Talk feature. 

Creating a Talk Session

Head to Media > Talk Shows (Beta) in your Dashboard Sidebar. Next Click the green 'New Talk Show' button at the top of the page. 

Talk show dashboard

You can create a Talk Show (what you will use to invite guests and record your show) by pressing New Talk Show.

Talk show creation screen

 In the popup you can add artwork to your show, a title and artist. This will be used as the show's track information once complete. If you wish to change this after recording the show you can do so via the Recordings Editor explained later in this help guide.
Click the green Create button to add your show to your station.  This will appear under Pending Talks as shown below:

Pending/completed talk shows

To invite guests you can share the Visitor URL with them via your preferred method (e.g Email, Google Calendar invite, Whatsapp etc) along with the time and date of your talk show. 

You can invite up to 4 guests to your talk show

Talking to your Guest

To begin your Talk show recording session click Start Session in your Dashboard Talk Shows page:

Pending/completed talk shows

Once you have started the session, your recording window will appear. Here you can choose your recording device (e.g Microphone) and see the status of any callers:

Talk show recording window

When a guest calls, you can answer by clicking the Phone button on the right side.
Note: When answering, new guests will be muted by default. Click the Mute/Unmute button to hear them. 

You can mute/unmute callers at any time during your recording, this is useful if you only want to discuss topics with one particular person in a segment of your show. 

Recording the Show

Once your guests are connected you can begin recording.  Click the 'Record' button.
Your show can be a maximum of 1 hour long. This is displayed on the countdown timer. 

Talk show recording window

When you have finished recording your show, click the Stop button. You can then play a preview back. Your callers will still be connected at this point so you can give them any further information or bid them farewell. 

Once you are happy with your recording, click the green Save button. 

Your Talk Show may take a few minutes to process. Once complete it will appear under Completed Talks in your Media Library:

Talk show completed talks

Here you can click the Actions (...) button to access the Talk Editor, or download the recording for future use.
The talk editor is similar in function to the standard Track Editor. It allows you to edit the Title, Artist, Artwork, Cue and Fade points of the track:

talk show editor

Airing Your Show

As your Talk Shows are added to your Media Library, you can insert them into playlists just like any other track. 

Opening the Playlist Editor, you will see a new section; Talk Shows. This will list available shows so you can add them to your playlist:

Playlist editor

What Guests Can Expect

We have prepared a separate help guide you can share with guests. You can find it at the link below:

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