We have been working hard to freshen up the Radio.co brand which has resulted in some changes. A new website, refreshed control panel and new plan names. 

There have been no changes to the actual plans and the features they include, only the names have been changed. You can see a list for comparison below:

Lite Plan (Formerly DJ)

A great way to get started. We provide everything you need to launch your station today.

  • Disk Space 2GB

  • Listeners 500

  • Bandwidth 1TB

  • DJs 2

Bronze Plan (Formerly Broadcaster)

Perfect for users looking to scale up their radio stations and take them to the next level.

  • Disk Space 10GB

  • Listeners 10K

  • Bandwidth 10TB

  • DJs 10

Silver (Formerly Broadcaster +)

Great for stations with larger music catalogues or that require more DJs.

  • Disk Space 20GB

  • Listeners 10K

  • Bandwidth 10TB

  • DJs 20

Gold (Formerly Station)

A plan designed to cater for larger, more professional stations with large listener numbers.

  • Disk Space 50GB

  • Listeners Unlimited

  • Bandwidth 50TB

  • DJs Unlimited

Our older Dedicated service (Radio.co Gold) is now called Enterprise. 

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