Starting late February 2018, we will be rolling out changes to our billing system. This will change the way your station behaves if you have missed a payment. 

What used to happen?

If payment was missed, we would contact you via email and retry again the next day. If we were unable to take payment after 2 days the station would suspend, meaning listeners would not be able to tune in to your station. 

What's changed?

We note that some financial institutions are unavailable over the weekend in some countries. Due to this, we have extended the grace period from 2 days to 4.
This means if your payment fails on Friday, your station will not be cut off on Sunday, allowing extra time to contact your bank and resolve the issue. 

The new workflow is as follows:

If your payment fails, we will email you advising there's been an issue.
After 48 hours, if no action has been taken, we will attempt payment again.
If unsuccessful, access to your station in the dashboard will be restricted, however, the stream will remain broadcasting so your listeners can tune in.
A further payment attempt will be made 3 days after the initial missed payment. If this is also unsuccessful, your station will turn off. 

Other changes:

  • If you do miss a payment, and you need to update your billing method, you will now be able to via your dashboard. 

  • If your station becomes restricted or suspends, you will be able to manage which add-ons you wish to add, remove or keep before making your reactivation payment. 

  • We have added more information about errors. If you retry a payment you should now get a clear error message. 

  • You can also opt to switch to annual billing which will provide a 2-month discount (compared to monthly costs) and reduce billing issues on the station. 

Quick Billing Help

If you do miss a payment, in most cases it will be due to one of the following reasons:

  • Insufficient funds - The balance on the card used for the payment is lower than the cost of your plan. Please ensure there is a sufficient balance available and retry. 

  • Do Not Honor - Your card issuer is not willing to accept the transaction. This may be due to us being based outside your origin country. It may appear as unusual activity or your account may not support overseas transactions. Please call your card issuer to discuss the issue then retry payment.

The above errors can apply to both Card and PayPal transactions. If you usually pay via PayPal, please check the associated debit/credit card is valid and has sufficient funding. 

If you have any questions about the changes, please contact our help team by emailing

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