Listeners Map

See your listeners locations in more detail on the map. Hover over a point to see the IP address and device/software being used.

Current Listeners

See a live list of all your connected listeners, countries, devices and listening duration. You can also ban listeners if need be.

Recently Played

This section shows a 24-hour rolling history of all tracks played on automation. It includes the playlist, Playlist position and time played.

If you manually queue an item this will show the collaborator name so you can track who is controlling music within the 24 hour period.

You can also export the track history as a CSV file for your records

Track Summary

Select Track Summary under Reports - View track plays by selecting hour, day, week, or month. You can also export the data in CSV format.

Save your song history by right-clicking on the page and selecting Save-As. A HTML file with the page's info will be downloaded which can be used for future reference and royalty purposes.


Select TTSL under Reports - View the Total Time Spent Listening of your audience in a given month or quarter by year. You can also export the data in CSV format.


Select Analytics under Reports - This area gives you an overview of your station's listener statistics.

Select either hour, day, week, or month to change your station's listener time period. By default, the current period's statistics are shown. You can view statistics from the last hour, day, week or month simply by clicking "Last" in the upper menu.

  • Total Listeners: This is the total number of connections to your stream in the displayed period. Selecting day/month/week shows percentage rise and fall over the previous period.
  • Unique Listeners: This is the number of unique listeners you have had connected to your station in a given time period.
    (E.g. If 1 listener connects to your stream 5 times in one day, they would be counted as 5 total listeners, 1 unique.)
  • Data Usage: Bandwidth consumed and time spent listening.
  • Audience Details: Location, platform, and device of listeners.
  • Audience Overview: Listener stats over a given period in graph form.

Last Period: 


Select Log under Reports - The log is a detailed view of what's going on in your radio station and is useful to diagnose any issues.

Send your log to Support via the contact form below if you encounter an issue so they can investigate the matter.

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